Age: Under 7 years*
When: Sunday 3.00pm – 5.00pm
Venue: Charles Conder Primary (134 Tom Roberts Avenue, Conder ACT)
Coach: Grace Cox (Head Coach) and Amy Minchin
Cadet: Emma Smidt
Class Assistants: Lara Haines and Zoe Stott
Team Manager/Wardrobe Co-ordinator: TBC

Tinies are our youngest age group from four to seven and are the future of Brindabella Calisthenics College. 

Grace Cox and Amy Percival (nee Minchin) are incredibly excited to be taking on the role of Tinies coaches for 2018! This will be Grace’s 4th year as head coach of Tinies. She absolutely adores teaching this age group and feels that she learns more and more about ways to improve and teach them year after year. This will be Amy’s first year as a Level one coach (YAY) and her first year joining us in Tinies. Amy has a wealth of knowledge from her calisthenics history and from her experience as a dance teacher and Studio owner.

Amy and Grace will be joined by cadet Emma, and class assistants Zoe and Lara. They are ecstatic to have these wonderful young women on board with them.

For their Tinies class, Grace and Amy are aiming to focus on strength and flexibility in their class. At least half an hour each week will be solely dedicated to improve the flexibility and gaining new flex skills, which also includes building and developing strength in our young dancers.

Amy and Grace are also looking to build basic technique, in a fun and creative way to make wonderful routines for our young ones. They are wanting to build foundational technique and improve the quality of stage presence in our young ones, so that they hit the stage with a confidence that blows everyone away, and will for years to come.

Participants will learn these skills in our March, Free-exercises, Rods, Aesthetics, and Song and Action.

Grace and Amy are keen to travel to the Sydney competition this year with our Tinies. This provides the team with an opportunity to perform in front of a different audience, on a different stage, and it really brings the team and all involved together for a new experience.

Amy and Grace would like to incorporate team bonding sessions once a term. This will include BBQ’s, team parties (generally at class), Easter egg hunts, and the like. Grace and Amy are aiming to create a community culture in Tinies where everyone feels welcome, has a great time and works hard to learn and participate in class.

The Tinies coaching team cannot wait for an incredible 2018!