Solos & Duos

Brindabella Calisthenics College provides opportunities for participants from Sub-Juniors to Seniors to enhance their skills by performing solos and/or duo routines at competitions. These participants receive one-on-one training with their coaches, with the aim of competing in the three local solo competitions held in Canberra, which are held in March, April and May each year. Solo and Duo training develops each participant’s individual talents and builds self-confidence and esteem. These do incur coaching fees and hall hire, which is in addition to the normal Club fees.

Calisthenic Solos and Duos are a great way to develop your performance skills.

There are three types of “solo” events – Calisthenic Solo, Graceful Calisthenic Solo and Calisthenic Duo.

Calisthenic Solos and Duos are available to performing club members. It is recommended that you have at least 12 months experience at calisthenics prior to nominating for one of these events.

Although calisthenics is predominantly a team sport, those who wish to face extra challenges and take on extra practices and learn additional routines, can elect to do solos or duos. If you participate in these individual events you can expect to pay hall hire costs and coaching fees, additional to your club fees end expenses.

Your team coach will not necessarily be your solo coach, and it is each candidate’s responsibility to liaise directly with their chosen coach. When beginning with Solos or Duos, it is important to make arrangements with a coach early in the year for the next competition year. As the year draws to a close it can become increasingly difficult to find a coach.

Three competitions are held each year in the ACT.

These are:

Karilee Solo Comp: 8-11 March 2019
Canberra College Performing Arts – Phillip

Cali-ACT Preliminary. Solo Comp: 4-7 April 2019
Erindale Theatre, McBryde Cres, Wanniassa ACT 2903, Australia

Cali-ACT Champ. Solo Comp: 16-19 May 2019
Erindale Theatre, McBryde Cres, Wanniassa ACT 2903, Australia

Contact your team manager for further information on solos and duos.

Successful competitors in the Calisthenic ACT Competitions will be invited to represent the ACT at the Australian Calisthenic Federation National Championships held annually around Australia in July.