The Calisthenics Year


The Calisthenics year begins in the first school term and continues through to the middle of the fourth school term. No classes are held in school holidays, unless specified by your coach.

Calisthenics is a competitive sport and there are three local competitions held that Brindabella Calisthenics College competes in.

The local competitions are held in June, August and September. These competitions are held on weekends and involve a four to six hour commitment on the day. As calisthenics is a team sport, every member of the team is vital and a team will struggle to compete if participants are missing on competition day.

In October our Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors travel to Ballarat to compete in the Royal South Street Competitions. There is an additional cost for this competition for travel and accommodation but fundraising is available in advance.

Parents and members will be notified of specific competition dates and times as soon as they are known. If a date presents a problem team managers and coaches need to be notified ASAP as teams will need to be re-organised and arranged to ensure the team is not penalized or disadvantaged.

The Club also runs a weekend workshop for all participants, this is held in the later part of the year. The participants practice and detail their routines whilst bonding as a team and club. There is an additional cost for the weekend workshop but again fundraising opportunities do exist.

Participants are also able to take part in Skills training and exams, which are held by CACTI each year. It is recommended that participants complete at least 12 months of calisthenics before starting Skills.