Our Club

2023 Committee

President: Robyn Smith

Vice President: Rachel Salter

Secretary: Emma Campbell

Coach Co-ordinator: Alex Andriolo & Grace Perkovic

General Members: Alicia Spindler, Jill Lewis, Kym Birgan & Althea Farlie

BCC Club History

In September of 1996, Leanne Altinger, Lee Hamlyn, Donna Sullivan, Kerry Sargent-Cox and Kerry Muir met to form the first Brindabella Calisthenics College Committee. The five founding members identified South Tuggeranong to be the location for our club to develop and expand. They set out to configure a unique calisthenics institution within the ACT where both the coaching staff and parents worked in unison to provide the highest quality coaching and administration to its members.

The best part of 1996 was spent brainstorming ideas regarding the clubs name, colours, logo and organisation of the clubs structure. It was decided that BCC colours would be Mustard, Navy, White and Burgundy and the logo would represent the setting of the sun over the Brindabella Mountains. A Gecko was decided as the clubs mascot figure and named “Lipstick.”

In 1997, the doors were opened and had over 30 families register.  BCC had enough participants to enter competitive teams for Tinies, Sub-Juniors, Juniors and Inters age groups. 1997 was extremely successful with teams also travelling to Sydney to compete and all teams performing very well at all competitions.

From 1998 to present, BCC has continued to grow in the number of participants, cadets, coaches, committee members and families and life-long friendships along the way. We have also had many achievements throughout this time. These include

  • Winning ACT aggregates
  • Winning Interstate aggregates
  • Several participants and coaches being involved in ACT Representative Teams
  • Soloist and Graceful Soloists participating in the National Competitions
  • Coaches being nominated and winning ACT coaching awards and
  • Numerous nominations for the Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union Sports Club (Our major sponsor) Sports awards


Brindabella Calisthenics College (BCC) is a sporting club whose aim is to provide a challenging, enjoyable and nurturing experience for all club members and coaches, inspiring creativity and innovation without compromising our integrity. In becoming a member of BCC you are expected to uphold the BCC Values and Code of Conduct. Parents and supporters, in their role as spectators and supporters of club members, are also encouraged to uphold the BCC Values and Code of Conduct. The BCC Values are to:

  • Communicate to people what’s going on and ask for their contribution
  • Contribute to the full extent of our knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Acknowledge the efforts of others
  • Be flexible and willing to drive improvements to all of our activities
  • Engage our parents and participants, and the National & ACT Calisthenics bodies, in the process of achieving our goals.

Code of conduct


All participants are expected to promote a positive club image and good team relations. The Code of Conduct requires that each person will show commitment to:

  • Being an active team member
  • Displaying courtesy and respect for team members, coaches, adjudicators and fellow competitors. This includes being punctual to class and competitions and to notify your team manager if you will be late or are unable to attend.
  • Respecting and following the coach’s decisions/directions. If you disagree with them or have a problem, choose an appropriate time to discuss your concerns.
  • Participating in team and competition activities to the full extent of your abilities.
  • Encouraging all club participants.
  • Treating other people as you would like to be treated.
  • Represent the Club with pride.

Parents & Spectators

Parents and spectators are also valued members of our club. Please support us by:

  • Respecting and supporting the coach’s decisions. If you disagree with the coach choose an appropriate time to discuss your concerns.
  • Helping us to promote a positive club image.
  • Encouraging participation and courtesy to other team members and competitors.
  • Focusing on effort, performance and development.
  • Treating other people as you would like to be treated.
  • Respect BCC.