Dress Code

Dress Code

Brindabella Calisthenics College has a compulsory dress code for classes. The dress code and uniformity encourages self-discipline in pupils and allows the coaches to concentrate on the choreography without visual distraction

All students must attend class dressed in the following:

  • Black leotard or tight fitting top
  • Hair pinned off the face.
  • Flesh coloured or black footless leggings are optional. No shoes are required.

The following items are required for the calisthenics year:

  • Aesthetic skirt – White for Tinies & Sub Juniors, Black for Juniors and above
  • Clubs and rod (available for Hire or purchase at the beginning of the Calisthenics year)
  • Skin coloured body suit &/or underpants (required for competitions to be worn under stage costumes)
  • Stage make-up & hair supplies