Solos & Duos

The Calisthenics Solo Season

Whilst calisthenics is predominately a team sport, each year performers have the opportunity to extend their skills by competing in the Calisthenics Solo Season.

During the season, performers receive one on one training with a Club coach of their choice, building self confidence and self esteem and learning routines focused on their personal strengths.


Calisthenics Graceful

A combination of flowing and ballet movements, graceful solos showcase the performers ability to use body movement and facial expression to interpret the music.


Calisthenics Solo

A combination of strong movements involving flexibility, extension of movement, control and uniformity of rhythm, cali solos showcase natural grace, stamina, flexibility and timing.


Calisthenics Duo

Similar in style to calisthenics solos, two performers participate in routines that are often comical and interpret a theme. Performers interact and relate to one another, often as complementary characters.


Solos are available for all registered performers from 5 years and beyond.

Performers must compete in both the CaliACT team competitions the previous year and the year of solo competition.

Practice Times

Performers will have weekly practice sessions ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. Practice duration is determined by the coach, considering the complexity and concentration of the performer. Additional practice sessions may be negotiated closer to competition days.

Practice sessions commence from week 1 of term 1 and runs through to the end of May (or as agreed with the coach). Some coaches may negotiate to commence training earlier based on individual preference and availability.

Coach Appointment & Responsibility

BCC has a selection of qualified coaches available for performers to work with during the solo season.

The coach is responsible for organising hall hire, negotiating training days and time, recommending music choice and choregraphing routines, providing advice on costume options and supporting performers on the days of competition (including preparing hair and makeup).

Available coaches are listed on the solo season expression of interest form. Performers may nominate a preference for a coach at the time of nomination. If no preference is provided, the Solo Coach Coordinator will liaise with you to identify options. Coaching preferences will be determined by the Solo Coaches Coordinator, following discussion with coaches and final appointments made based on availability.

Expected Costs

The solos season is not included in the annual calisthenics team fees. Expected costs include:

    • Coaching fees – fees are set by the coach, however on average are $200 for the season. Coaches are paid directly to the coach, not via BCC.
    • Hall hire – BCC organised venues (for example, Charles Conder Primary and Vikings Clubs) are charged at approximately $30 per hour (subject to change). Hall hire will be charged whether practice is attended or not as the hall is already booked and cost incurred. Make up classes can be arranged with the coach for an additional fee. Alternatively, some coaches may chose to train at other venues (for example Dream Danz), and these hall hire costs are organised through your coach.
    • Costumes and headpieces – Costumes and headpieces can be purchased, hired or custom made depending on the preference of the performer. Coaches will provide advice on the type of costume for the routine and how to source options. BCC has a range of costumes available for hire. There are a number of FaceBook groups selling or hiring costumes. BCC also has some talented costume makers who can make custom made costumes for a fee.
    • Competition entry fees – Competition entry fees range from $50 to $70 per item. This generally includes a video of the performance and a critique to inform improvement. Entry costs for spectators is included in CaliACT events, and is an additional charge for the Karilee competition.